"A woman is like a tea bag - you never know how strong she is until you put her in hot water."

Eleanor Roosevelt.

Peer Support

Theres nothing like a shared experience. 

In 2016, Mandy, together with Korrin Barrett (pictured on left) helped establish "The Quad Squad", a global support group for quadruple amputees and held the first ever Quad Squad Muster in Sydney in 2017. With over 230 members worldwide and growing, it is the only support group of it's kind. 

Together Rod & Mandy offer support to other new quad amputees and their families in Australia. It gave Mandy an idea and she recently helped start a local disability support group. She has grand plans to spread it across her home state of Victoria ensuring every person discharged from hospital with a new disability gets the support they need.

Telling Our Story

There is power in honesty.

Mandy has recently completed a stint as a presenter on ABC Radio's digital channel. Her Saturday Afternoon's program was the perfect opportunity for her to share her story while discoverng what makes the world such an extrodinary place. 

Together Mandy and Rod are regular faces in the media and happily tell their experiences of post traumatic growth after such enormous life changing events and the impact Sepsis has throughout our communities.

In Mandy's blog "Friends of Mandy" she shares hillarious insight into what living without hands and feet looks like. Her honesty, candor and humour has entertained and given a voice to thousands. She is also currently writing a memoir.

The Next Generation

Making the world more inclusive. 

As a "Need Knower" Mandy & Rod have been working with TOM Melbourne to find solutions for people with disabilities. As a part of the annual 3 day Make-a-thon's they work with designers, occupational therapists and engineers to build products that are unavailble but sorely needed by the disability community. 

Additionaly, Mandy & Rod are regular volunteers at La Trobe University's Prosthetic Department, helping teach the next generation of students how to make artificial limbs. 

Building Stronger Communities. 

Everyone can make a difference. 

As well as their speaking to school students and community groups, Rod is digging deeper by facilitating Resilience Building Workshops to help teens through lifes more challenging experiences. With a background in Pastoral care and Inclusive Schooling this is where Rod's real passion lies.

Finally, Mandy is a board member for the Rivers and Ranges Community Leadership Program which helps build resilient, connected & thriving communities throughout regional Victoria.