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Mandy & Rod McCracken

"Those who accept the breakages and build themselves anew become more resilient and open to new ways of living."

Stephen Joseph.

Mandy & Rod

In 2013, young mum, Mandy McCracken lost her hands and feet to sepsis. It shook their lives. But with the support of her husband Rod and their three daughters, together they have used the experience to help and inspire others to find their inner strength and zest for life. Their honesty, integrity and a cheeky sense of humour is infectious.


"From your speech I have replaced the bad things with good things, put things in perspective and have seen that humour is a great way to get through." Cameo Year 5.

Projects & Partnerships

"You're a great motivator & organiser as well as a talented ambassador for us I feel more confident and less overwhelmed...for the opportunity to gain a different prespective, I thank you." Merle, amputee. 

Clients, Partners & Friends

"We were impressed and positively reflect upon their personal & professional lives!! We're still talking about you in the office today!" John, Business Continuity Institute. 


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