"The girls were thrilled and you could hear a pin drop...They are still talking about it." Samantha, English co-ordinator.

"A Story that will make you laugh, shiver and put things into perspective." Mark, Primary school teacher. 

Mandy & Rod have told their story to thousands of people. From primary school classrooms to

 corporates conferences, their experiences shed light on how human nature can be your worst enemy and your saving grace.


Standing together, they tell of their successes as well as their failures and how deciding to enjoy the experience, survive and thrive has inspired people across all age groups. 

With hillarious stories and their quick wit, both Mandy & Rod will bring tears of both joy and heartbreak that leave your audience stronger, more determined and open to any situation that might arrive on their doorstep.

Life: a giant social experiement. Enjoy it!

Primary School Talks

A fun, thought provoking look at how to be resilient as you grow up.

The kids will love it when Mandy pulls off her arm and passes it around the class. With young children of their own, Mandy & Rod know exactly what primary kids need.


Secondary School Talks

The perfect wake up call for teens. It's sure to get them thinking.

Choose from the following two engaging topics:

Resilience. Motivation. Grit. Determination. 
Every child needs a reminder ever once and a while. Mandy & Rod will bring the perfect reality check when your kids need it most.

Disability. Equity. Assistive technologies. 
Understand how our world is changing and how your students can play a role in creating a world that is truely inclusive.



Community & Business Groups

Motivation with a difference.

Change can be dibilitating and often it's easier to just keep doing the same old thing. Fortunately Mandy & Rod will help your team know that together, you can survive anything. Their humour will inspire, their fresh point of view will engage and together they will bring a perspective that you won't find anywhere else.


Corporate & Conference Speeches

For something completely different

Mandy & Rod discovered in themselves something that most peope would never believe they have. Enourmous inner strength, a zest for life and knowing that laughter can get you through anything.  Having your limbs chopped off is a real conversation starter and together they easily cater their story to suit your message. So why not?


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